Empty Nest

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A haunting song by Chris Isaak‘s, Blue Spanish Skys…

Empty Nest

Posted on July 6, 2012

The world will end in three days
The moving van will be pulled up,
The walk-in closet will empty,
I’ll sit with my gold wedding cup.

The kids have all moved to the city,
The laughs and the heartaches are gone,
The space, just a void there between us,
No more of the sweet touch at dawn.

The world will end in three days,
She has a new place of her own,
I’ll drink cyanide with my nightcap,
And be gone, before dawn, all alone.

Now I know this post is probably fiction, done in response to a challenge at http://www.trifectawritingchallenge.com/2012/07/trifextra-week-twenty-three.html 

But regardless it made me think about my own separation and divorce, although in my case I left rather than she left. But in reality the marriage and relationship had been broken for some time and it was just that I acted first before she did.

So TrailerTrash, a very moving poem, and it made me think of this very haunting song by Chris Isaak’s “Blue Spanish Sky”, which contains some really nice lyrics reflective of your own thoughts. In my case what I miss most is my children and the comfort of having a family.

The moment I finally walked out was in a way a release from sadness, as for so many months before I left I had been unhappy and feeling so alone. It was made more difficult because I felt I had to keep up the performance, i.e. appear to be the happy family man, when in fact my heart was broken. The confused look on my kid’s faces when I left said it all to me.

Great post TrailerTrash, thanks for sharing.

(BTW I am now learning how to play this song on my guitar, and I know my daughter will HATE it when I play it to her in September, but who cares, I love it)


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Capt. Savage
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