My Daughter’s First Blog Post…

Chapter 1

The crazy dream

I closed my eyes. There was something in my brain that I couldn’t quite figure out. It was something mysterious, something big and something scary. Even though I was only 8 years old, I thought it was on the tip of my tongue.

Oops! I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Miss J and right now I am at an Anglican College somewhere in Queensland. I thought I was safe, but I might not be. The school was full of big kids, and I might get trampled!

Oh who am I kidding? Nobody can catch me here. Not even my own father can catch me in the pool! 

Then, it hit me! Literally, now I have a big bruise on the crown of my head. It was a monster! Even though people say there’s no such thing of monsters, I thought that in my dream, my crazy dream, there was a monster. No wonder I was acing most of my tests! “Oh……I wonder if that monster was smart.”

Who am I kidding? You can’t speak to me! You’re dumb!! Well if you’re wondering what dumb means… I AM NOT A DICTIONARY!!

Excuse me while I slap myself. Why did you yell at the reader!!! You’re so silly!! I’m so sorry, you see, sometimes I do that. Hah.

Uh oh. It’s nearly class time. I wonder what funny thing’s going to happen today? Maybe Mrs R will get us to do 1034 push ups! Maybe that monster in my head will jump out and pretend to be a water sprinkler! Well whatever random thing that’s going to happen today, I’ll be ready to face it. I’m wearing a diaper and I’m ready to go!

Fun Fact! Did you know that astronauts have to wear diapers while they are in the rocket!!!   

File:Apollo 15 Space Suit David Scott.jpg

(Apollo spacesuit, diapers were included)

Posted  on behalf of Miss J by her proud dad Capt. Savage

(Wait until you see her PowerPoint version, it’s really cute)


6 thoughts on “My Daughter’s First Blog Post…

  1. iamnotshe says:

    Miss J you are a shining star, and an Apple of Cap’s eye, no doubt.

    You’re so smart! Keep writing, OK?

  2. Capt. Savage says:

    Yep I hope she keeps writing, she loves reading which is a great start. Tonight she read to me from her Kindle, which is kind of nice rather than me reading to her.

    (Proud as punch)

  3. What a brilliant story! Miss J you are a fantastic writer! More blog posts please!!!!

    • Capt. Savage says:

      Thanks Rose, coming from someone as talented as you that fine praise indeed 🙂 I’ll pass your appreciation, although got to be careful as too much adulation causes me to burst out in excessive fatherly pride and make it difficult to fit my daughter through doorways due to head swelling!!!


  4. […] she tells me whenever she get the chance. She has already been a contributor to this blog, refer… The Crazy Dream, which was her first […]

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